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After a 30+ year career in radio, veteran country radio programmer Rich Summers and his wife Amber have launched SUMMERS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.
As part of the new venture they’ve launched Rebel Country Radio, an online radio station at

“A lot of people think that today’s country isn’t real. In my opinion, it’s because the large corporations that are running most of the commercial country radio stations in America are playing the same 300-350 songs over and over and over, and a lot of it isn’t real country. There is a lot of great new country music from new country artists that aren’t getting exposed on commercial stations, as well as great country music from established artists. That’s why we started Rebel Country Radio. We’re Playing Real Country – For Real Country Fans. In this day and age, you can take an online station with you no matter where you go. You can listen at work. You can listen at home. You can listen on your phone. Heck…if you’ve got a newer car, truck or SUV, odds are you can listen in your rig! You’ll hear a great mix of new and old country music. What you won’t hear is pop sounding country. We’re playing songs with a story, three chords and the truth. You know, real country music that people don’t get to hear on commercial FM country stations, and we’re doing it with a lot fewer commercials! Check it out and give us a listen” ~Rich Summers

In today’s world, you don’t need a transmitter and tower to broadcast a great station to listeners who are looking for great music! Join the rebellion!

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